Why dimach

Dimach has a deep-seated passion for the trade, as evidenced by our careful selection of vehicles that invariably meet high quality standards. Our commitment to quality means not only that you are buying an excellent product, but also that we are committed to offering fair trade-in prices, with the goal of ensuring our customers' convenience. Our comprehensive approach means that we are extremely flexible and can respond quickly to your needs.

Moreover, it is reassuring to know that in many cases we can offer attractive shipping rates for your chosen item, with delivery to your desired port. With Dimach, the Erp-based trading company, countless opportunities open up for you.

About dimach

DIMACH specializes in the purchase and sale of a wide range of earthmoving machinery for (agricultural) construction, vans and transport vehicles.

Through years of experience in the trade we are able to find vehicles in and outside the Netherlands. All vehicles are cleaned at our location and repaired where necessary before they go on sale.

We are RDW certified.


Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Address Berkensteeg 3-A, 5469 SW Erp, The Netherlands

Email: diem@dimach.nl